No choice, Back to work!

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Hello, friends!
Maybe most of us stay home, if your company allowed you to do the work from home. But
yesterday i had to go the office in the morning, cause yesterday was my schedule to work from office and i would like to share what i saw yesterday.

When i arrived at 7.40 am at MRT station, almost no body here. Only 2 other passengers. And bad thing was it took a long time for a train to come, it supposed to be they reduced the frequency of trains. It means i need to go earlier on wednesday.

Istora Mandiri MRT station


But in the MRT, there were more passengers. I know it was because of the reduction of the train frequency. Most of them were going to work, just like me, we had no other choices except follow the regulation where we work. All of us wearing masks.


When i arrived in Blok M BCA MRT station, also not many people around.


Also when i got back from work. The train came after a long time waiting. Imagine, it only came every 20 minutes. What a long time!


And it had not many passengers inside when i took the train at around 5pm. It was almost empty.


Huff, I still have schedule to work in office, this week would be 3 times. But today i was working from home, and wasn't going anywhere.
Stay home & stay healthy friends!

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