The Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update

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1 Daily quest and overall position

Last quest was the Earth and somehow very hard to pass. Took 19 battle to push it through, however playing with various teams best to each rule set jumped over 200 points up at the end...


Present ran is 254, while highest ever rank is 255. Not bad at all it seems still with 3362 points in DIAMOND II at the moment


Very nice last win with Earth against mostly maxed deck of Water. Quite a risk to line-up low attack cards, but with additional abilities and with Lord Arianthus in front. Paid off...


2 Daily rewards

Well, usual lowest level rewards counting to 0.09ct total +12 DEC and bunch of potions. SAD


3 Cards leveled up

As per practice I'm trying to chose next useful card worth to be leveled up. And doing it one by one normally (as soon as additional DEC earned or some cards being sold), unless some good offer on the Market (while always using @monstermarket receiving some decent cash back

Very low rewards and basically no any chance to start getting any EPIC or LEGENDARY leveling up. Only keep an eye on those daily reward cards and keep them combined, though it is quite a long way to get them maxed to levels 5-6 according to 5's summoners. So actually no any major leveling ups or any new great card purchased. Things going very slow lately

4 The Guild of NEOXIAN

Finishing season No.9 and that's damn high actually. Lets see how season to end...

Guild status (on last day of the season): Guild Hall - Maxed / Quest Lodge - 14 scrolls to MAXED

That's all so far and hope you have enjoyed!

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Duuuuude! You should keep an eye out on Untamed Packs, Orb Packs and DEC on steem-engine. You could sell cards you don't use/plan to level and get potentially great steals on cards right now... The market is all over the place so ya just have to watch. But... I've gotten lucky over the last couple of weeks and purchased packs for less than a $1 (several for $0.55!). Of course, there's still 'luck of the draw', but I've pulled some pretty great cards.

Have fun! At least most days I enjoy the grind. 😘