ATOM Tokenomics

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One of the most important features of any crypto currency is to have reasons to buy and use the token rather than just for speculation.

It was important for us to think about this before we even created the ATOM token on so the first thing we did was fund the @musicvoter2 account so that people could use ATOM to request a manual upvote for good quality music related posts on STEEM.

Screen Shot 20200211 at 12.32.30.png

We also created exclusive channels within our Discord server for people to join depending on how many ATOM tokens they hold. Members of these channels receive access to exclusive airdrops and other rewards.

Screen Shot 20200211 at 12.42.26.png

Even before the official release of NFTs (Non Fungiable Tokens) on Steem Engine we were one of the first to start creating innovative tokens that reward you for collecting and we have even put up a prize pool of $1000 to reward 10 people. Find out more here.

Screen Shot 20200211 at 12.32.30.png

We will continually seek out exciting and innovative ways to add value to the ATOM token so watch this space!

Earn ATOM tokens listening to independent music on
Join our Discord for airdrops, giveaways and more!

ATOM tokens can also be purchased on

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We keep on rocking.!! :) Great stuff. Getting this whole thing under wraps.Looking forward. :)

So great!!!!!!

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