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I has been fun to try and show you how I play this game. I hope those of use that read all of these have got better at the game. I know I am not the best player around but I do well. This will be the last post for a while about the rules as I am all caught up. I will do a recap post with a link to all the different posts. You can still win some DEC in this one. Just leave a comment about the post or the game and you will get shot. The post goes up on Steem and Hive so that is why I use the Wheel now. Okay, let's go over some rules and how to win.



Standard is not a game that we get a lot. Also when you see this it is all about the Mana. I can tell you now that if it under 20, then Fire, Life, and Earth do the best. Death has a okay team at 20 also. If you are in the mid 20s to mid 30s Water gets strong and then some Dragon teams. Anything over 35 and the Dragons win most of the time. Now the Legendary summoners can that. If you have them maxed out you can give it a shot. Just not all the teams have enough 7 cost guys that are strong. Death has a lot of guys around 6 to 10 mana so they do okay with Mimosa Nightshade and I am sure Yodin Zaku will also be strong in big mana games. Given I am sure not a lot of you will have them. They both cost a lot. In standard you want the team to have a team. All hit the tank, or all have sneak or a lot of magic. Most of the time you want to mix in a self-heal tank or a healer to both. Armor can win games but also can be pointless. You really just want to think about the mana cap and what Main Tank, Healer, and Damage dealer. Once you have 3 in mind to use fill in the rest with cards that support those.


20200504 20_50_20Window.png

Equalizer is a lot of fun and the Fire team is really strong in this mode due to one card. That Exploding Dwarf is crazy with 10 HP. In this mode things really coming down to the mana cap. If it is low Death can do well with a lot of fun 2 and 3 cost cards and Vampire with 10 life is also pretty cool. Anyone with Life Leech is good for this mode. They can end up with 20 life in a few attacks. I like magic attackers a lot due to reflecting not killing them fast. I like Mimosa here also due to healing being a really pain with guys having a lot of life. Check out this Fight I am sure it looks like I was going to lose. But It was a pretty easy win. Earth is also really good here. They have a lot of big cards but also some cool ones that cost 2 and 3 mana. This mode is still new and the one combo I see a lot is fire with the Exploding Dwarf and the Flame Imp with other cards to add to the team. It is strong for sure. If you don't play fire just look at the mana cap. If it is low play little guys and hope your opponent ups their hp. Oh and don't forget your chicken unless the mana is really high. A 0 cost meat shield that might have 11 hp is really helpful. Speed is important in this mode. Everyone has a lot of life so you want to hit first. Only your healer should be a little slow. I really like this new mode so open to other ideas.


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Heavy Hitters is about getting that stun off. Double damage gets really crazy. Watch this one and you will see how fast a few stuns can change the game. It also shows how good the Lord of Darkness is for this mode. Death really is pretty good because they have early turn stunners. Fire is also pretty good as the Spark Faires hit fast and have stun and so do the Orge. The Lighting Dragon is also fast. The reason you want fast stuns is so that you kill that first move fast. Slower cars like Stone Golem and Medusa also have stun but by the time they attack it could be too late. I like to try to use at least 2 cards with Stun. I can't always do that but when I can it lets me get a stun almost every turn. If you get an early stun by a fast person there is a good chance to kill a tank on the first turn. Let me know who you like to use? Once again this mode is a bit newer and I do pretty well with the double stunners but still making sure I have a good line up.


This has been a lot of fun to do over the last few months. @splinterlands team thanks a lot for supporting me a lot and to each that read and enter I hope you won the DEC at least once. It is time to see who won from the last post. Here are the links Steem Hive and the winner is.

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@shenan congrats and thanks for the good comment it added to the last post.
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i just love the equalizer ruleset. Funny to see chicken as first line of defense there




Upss... 😬

Thanks! 😀

I'm already at 0 of DEC

because yesterday I bought 100 (+10 packs)

and won 2 GF Halvings between the whole 22 cards!




Stun seems to get a little complicated for low lvls as not many cards offer stun and makes it really hard when ur up against a armed monster.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20 - need recharge?)

My first time not seeing what could be add to your advice.

Good post @stever82,


Great end to a great series.
I really enjoy equalizer right now... maybe cause it's new, maybe cause it seems to upset all the things and cause havoc. I like havoc-causing in the Splinterlands.
Thanks for doing all of these!