Splinterlands - My Battle of the Day

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Hello Friends,

Splinterlands battles are kinda addiction as I said many times before.

There isn't even a single day without playing the battles as for as I am concerned.

Since, I didn't have much to write, I thought of posting one of the battles I felt worth posting it.

Any battle with TH12's and Herons will always be something hard as most of those accounts(either human or bots) are having quality cards and defeating them in the battles will be some kind of achievement.

If you see my battle chains, atleast half of the battles will be with TH12's and this I think will be as soon as we are into Diamond and Champions leagues.

I had one such battle I felt worth sharing with both of us fighting it out with Life Splinter.


The link is here:



Battle Details:

So, it was a battle with Rise of Commons scenario, where in, we can only use Common and Rare monsters in the battles.

I thought the lineup as shown below in that order would be an ideal one to counter the melee ranged and even magic attacks since it was a Rise of Commons battle.


Goblin Mech:

I made the Goblin Mech as my front monster as it can withstand the melee attack with it's huge armors and even common and rare ranged and magic monsters can also be withstood with it's life of 8. Not to forget the Stun and Piercing abilities.

Prismatic Energy:

I put this as second monster since it can attack from that position being a magic card and can also provide the option of lead card just in case Goblin Mech dies somehow and it's Void and Magic reflect would be helpful for any magic cards.

Cave Slug:

I thought Cave Slug with Scavenger and Opportunity ability, will be an able supporter to my front and second cards and also vipes out the low mana cards wherever they are(but that wasn't the case in many rounds here!!!).

Divine Healer:

A healer is a must to boost my Goblin Mech and this card is best to be placed in No. 4.

Peace Bringer:

Peace bringer is the card I use a lot because of it's 4 ranged attack ability and it was helpful as always until it died.


Another ranged attack card I use a lot for it's sheer ability of Stun and Shield.

Now, to tell about the opponent's cards, he had a Silvershield Paladin followed by Gelatinous Cube, Divine Healer, Feral Spirit(Gem of a card), Silvershield Assasin and Silvershield Knight, which gave an increased attack for all melee cards and that was the difference which took out my 2 ranged cards of Cyclops and Peacebringer.


Battle Rounds:

Round 1:

This is how the monsters and their abilities looking before start of first round:


All the monsters except the Gelatinous Cube and Silvershield Knight were part of first round battle and the Stun from Cyclops helped reduce the Silvershield Paladin's life to 5 at the end of round 1.

Round 2:

Cards before second round were like this:


Round 2 ensured end of Silvershield Paladin and my Cyclops was almost dead with one life and Feral Spirit kept evading the attack from my Cave Slug!!!

Round 3:

Cards at end of second round:


Round 3 saw end of my Cyclops and also the Gelatinous Cube from opponent bringing Divine Healer into front. Feral Spirit again evaded the attack from Cave Slug.

Round 4:

Cards at the end of Round 3:


Round 4 was quick enough with Peacebringer removed by Feral Spirit and Divine Healer stunned and removed by Goblin Mech. Feral Spirit, as usual evaded the attack from Cave Slug.

Round 5:

Card remaining after Round 4 are:


Round 5 saw end of Feral Spirit finally and the armors of my Goblin Mech were removed by the attack of Silvershield Assasin which was the front card in this round.

Round 6:

Feral Spirit was the only card removed in Round 5 and cards after that are:


Round 6 saw end of Silvershield Assasin and opponent's Silvershield Knight, which, so far had supported it's cards with an increased melee attack with inspiration came to the front attack and was soon removed in the next round.

Round 7:

Lone warrior of Silvershield Knight couldn't do much as against the power of Goblin Mech combined with Cave Slug and Prismatic Energy.

That ends this battle with me as winner.


Thanks for reading this battle details and I hope the situation of Corona CoVid is improving in your area and be safe and keep battling :)


Thanks for the votes, comments and resteems.

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Great post!
I love using things with opportunity now! I seek them out!

Thank you @carrieallen!!

Monsters with opportunity has given a new dimension to steem monsters battles.

Monsters like Screetching Vulture, Cave Slug, Dragon Jumper provides an Opportnity to attack the less mana but more dangerous cards like Brownie and one hit will change the battle order considerably with reduced speed of opponent's monsters.

Thank you @coolguy123, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.