The 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks 🎭 Project Update | Distribution

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The 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks 🎭 Project Update | Distribution


Two days ago, we initiated the production the production of 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks 🎭 which are to be distributed to orphans, prisoners, disabled and internally displaced persons from the Anglophone crisis.
So far, the women and girls of ecoDesigns, @thegreens’ textile recycling and fashion designing hub that is training women and girls for free have been doing an amazing job under the leadership of their training director, Justine Akisah

Justine Akisah, Director of ecoDesigns

The @ecodesigns team has already produced 100 high quality, breathable, easy-to-wash reusable face masks and today, we decided to start mobilizing inhabitants of the North West Region about our project.

In a bid to raise anxiety of our project, we donated two masks to two IDPs who were very excited about our project.




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What a great project, nice idea and so helpful for all those people in need that you are helping. Awesome!🙏

Thanks 🙏 very much for the words of encouragement and support