1000SBD for 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks for Orphans, Disabled Persons, IDPs and Poor People

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The 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks 🎭


Last week, we launched the 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face Masks 🎭 Project that strives to produce 1000 reusable face masks at @ecodesigns and distribute to orphans, prisoners, disabled persons, internally displaced persons from the Anglophone crisis and people who can’t afford a face masks to prevent or curb the spread of COVID-19

So far, the women and girls of ecoDesigns, @thegreens’ textile recycling and fashion designing hub that is training women and girls for free have been doing an amazing job under the leadership of their training director, Mrs Justine Akisah

Justine Akisah, Director of ecoDesigns

The @ecodesigns team has already produced 100 high quality, breathable, easy-to-wash reusable face masks and today, we officially started distribution of the masks.

Distribution Register

The North West Region of Cameroon 🇨🇲 has been in a crisis for over 3 years now. This has left the region in severe economic hardship, suffering and painwith huge human and material damages. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation worst and this explains why our project strives to produce and distribute the COVID-19 face masks for free.
Courage Yerye and Claudine Berinyuy, project beneficiaries

With 1000 SBD we can produce 1000 COVID-19 Reusable Face masks and help the people of the crisis hit North West Region to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are already having a lot of support from Steemians of goodwill and we will really appreciate if you can support us to fight this pandemic in our crisis hit region.

A steem can make a big difference

Every donation counts. Thanks for supporting us
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