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in dudujian •  9 days ago  (edited)

Hello, steemit bloggers.
I'm a little white from the mainland. I don't know anything when I first joined steemit. I'd like to ask you to give me some advice in all aspects. Thank you very much here.
I'm just like a newborn baby now. I don't know anything in steemit. I need to see and explore step by step, especially what to write, what to write, how to communicate with bloggers and how to praise. All these are what I need to do in front of my eyes. I would like to thank those who have helped and will help me. Thank you for the fragrance of roses.

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It's a great day as I have the privilege of meeting you here! But since you are interested in something built on the blockchain, would love to see you on Commun as well: There you can set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day 😇

Hi @dudujian welcome to Steem Community. Checkout @steemingcurators for tips and guide on Steemit.
Follow @ steemitblog run by The Steemit Team for news, information and fun challenges to participate. They also offering an opportunity for you to contribute in the community moving forward. Have a nice day!
@cryptokannon, Community Steem Greeters