Homemade dresses for Cricket and Baby Bear

in dblog •  6 months ago  (edited)

My girls came downstairs and showed me their beautiful dresses they made for their stuffed animals.

I'm back working on the washing machine again it's mission accomplished.

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Cuteness overload 🤗🤗

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That's what I thought too! :-)

Cute girls and the dolls dresses mean they are growing up to be
Industrious like their papa. I've worked on a few washing
Machines over the years. I got one that was being
Thrown away because the top of the agitator
Cap threads were stripped, meaning it
Wouldn't spin. A drill, bolt and some
Thread Lock did the trick and I got
Free clothes washed for several
Years. Well, didn't have to
Pay for the machine,
Just the detergent.

This reply made me smile... good for you fixing up a broken washing machine! So many useful things thrown away, just because we don't have the motivation or skill to fix them. I can muster up the motivation and I can borrow some "skill" from youtube tutorials. It's worth the effort! !giphy washingmachine

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ha ha ha... so @ironshield, all you have to do is put an exclamationpoint, the word giphy and the
Subject you want posted? !giphyrocketship !giphy rocketship

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Whoa! Coolbeans!

!giphy coolbeans

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