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Fair Ride Strain Series - Cotton Candy Strain

Flower / Concentrate: Concentrate
Strain Name: Cotton Candy
Strain parent's:
Strain Type: Indica Dom
Seed Type:

Have you ever went to a fair and had cotton candy? From that first bite, the sweet sugar melts in your mouth. To the last bite when you wish you could have some more. I for one can say it is probably the best thing about fairs. With this cotton candy strain, some could say it is actually the best thing to come from a fair.

Cotton Candy

The cotton candy strain is a new one to me for this review. The strain name has been tossed around chats that I am part of but never been at a local place to be able to buy it. This cotton Candy from my understanding is called cotton candy kush that was bread by CannaSol Farms. The strains that came to cross this fruity fair strain just so happens to be a lavender mix with power plant.

Out of these 2 parent strains, I have had the chance to smoke on the lavender strain. Lavender is a nice heavy Indica that will rock most people. The power plant is a new strain to me that I have not been given the chance to smoke on. Doing some research on power plant strain that it is a Sativa dom strain. These 2 strains as the parents, I would have to rate this at 50% hybrid strain.

The Review

For shatter, I like to use 3 groups to review. Looks, Taste, and Buzz.

Looks 9

When you are thinking of packaged shatter you think hard glass-like pieces that shatter when you bend it. With this shatter, it was more like a rosin texture. I have come across this before and I am no expert in why it happens.

Taste 9

It really was not much of a surprise to me when I took the first dab of this cotton candy strain and it was a super fruity flavour. The taste of this particular strain was one of the strongest I have tasted in quite some time.

Buzz 9

When it came to the effects of the buzz you will get a nice hybrid. The relaxed feeling that goes along with not couch lock is great for stress relief. This strain is great for the daily Indica tokes that will not make you couch lock.

Inconcullsion I would recommend this strain to anyone that wants a sweet fruity hybrid that will give a nice relaxed day time stone.

I have done many other shatters reviews, With shatter, I find it is hard to tell what is a better brand. One thing for sure with shatter is the darker it is the worse it is and most likely made from the trim.

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mmmmm cotton candy dabz mmmmmmmmm

sounds yummy :)

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