Each cake has its history.πŸŽ‚πŸ’•

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This is so, I think you will see many photos of cakes with flowers that are becoming more beautiful and that makes me very happy. The flowers of this cake were made several days in advance because they were for someone very important.


The cake was for my aunt, thanks to her I am in the pastry world. My aunt's life changed dramatically 9 months ago just today. Her husband died surprisingly, and even with everything we are experiencing, I decided to make a cake to celebrate her life and that she knows that her family will always be with her.

I think she was very happy with her cake. It was really beautiful and delicious.


I know that these 9 months have been very difficult months, but together we have tried to support her. I know she is strong and today she felt how much we support her ... I know she had a happy birthday. And just today she found a puppy on the street, maybe it's her new life partner...

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